Section Name Description
Frequently Asked Questions URL Search within the FAQs
Moodle Book What is Moodle?

This is where all the new features and functionality of new Moodle version can be explained.

Book Creating your site

This book contains the details on creating your site.

Book The assignment activity
Book The quiz activity
Book The workshop activity
Book How to connect, communicate, collaborate
Book Gradebook
Book Groups
Book Managing & supporting

  1. Survey
  2. Choice
  3. Poll
  4. Feedback
  5. Calendar
  6. Activity completion
  7. Conditional or restricted activity
  8. Group selection
  9. Importing tutorial groups
  10. Reports
  11. Learning analytics
Mahara Book Introduction to Mahara ePortfolio
Book Video Tutorials
Book Assessing Mahara ePortfolios
URL Mahara 1.10 User Manual
URL Direct link to Mahara (For single sign, on locate Mahara ePortfolio block in Moodle)

This is this direct link to Mahara - if you wish to single sign on from Moodle, add the ePortfolio block to your Moodle site, and or your MyMoodle page.

Urkund Book Using URKUND
Echo360 (recording & replay) and Echo360 Active Learning Platform Book Echo360 lecture recording
Book Echo360 Personal Capture (PCAP)
URL Opt-out lecture policy introduced in 2014
Book Echo Active Learning Platform
Page 2. Five minute orientation to Echo360 Active Learning which you can edit and give to your students
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (web conferencing/virtual classroom) Book Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BbC Ultra)
Book Create BbC Ultra in your site
File Getting Started for Facilitators

A visual quick start guide that steps you through the process of creating and setting up a Black-board Collaborate room.

File Troubleshooting tips
Scenario Based Learning Interactive (SBLi) URL SBLi Builder Tutorials
Learning Spaces (physical/on-campus) Page Choosing a space


Folder Using technology

Here are commonly used guides from ITM AV Services. Information about other spaces is available upon request.

Page Setting up a space
Respondus Page Connecting Respondus to Moodle (you only do this once)
URL Demo movies from Respondus
URL User guide for Respondus
Page Installation of Respondus for non UC computers Support Book - guide for Staff

This guide will assist staff members to login to for the first time and will also guide staff on how to link resources in their Moodle site.

Gismo Page Gismo (Analytic Tool) Sitemap

Click on the headlines of each book, it will open the book in a new page, keeping the site map open for further resources...


This book resource explains how to use Gismo.