Reflective writing

What is reflective writing?

Reflective writing differs from more 'objective' kinds of university writing as it encourages you to reflect upon your own thoughts, actions and experiences that relate to the content you are learning in your units.

Used widely in areas like Health and Education, reflective writing helps you to recognise the connections between what you already know and have experienced and what you are in the process of learning.  It asks you to consider the connections between the theoretical aspects of your course and practical situations and experiences. 

Reflection helps you become more active and aware in the learning process, focusing on not only what you have learned, but also on how you learnt it.

In that way, reflective writing prompts you to trace your own learning journey as you turn abstract theoretical concepts into more meaningful ideas by using your own knowledge and experiences to bring them to life. The reverse is also true: reflective writing helps you interpret real-life events and practical situations using relevant theories from the unit.