Creating your site

1 How to get a teaching site

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The main use of Moodle at UC is for teaching. For each new cohort, a new LearnOnline/Moodle site is required. This allows the site to link automatically to Callista for the relevant semester enrolment.

Steps to create site:

  1. Log into
  2. Click Get Help > Staff Help
  3. Click 'Create a Moodle site' and choose:

    1. Teaching site (for all teaching sites)
    2. Course site (for a program of study, eg Bachelor of Nursing)
    3. Non-teaching site (for community, personal use)

If you clicked on teaching site, you’ll need to enter a unit code and click on the search icon (magnifying glass)

  1. You can enter either the unit name or the unit code in the section "Unit Number or Title"
    • You do not necessarily need to select the filters, "Semester", "Organisational Unit" or "Location" unless you have many different versions of the unit that you would like to narrow down.
  2. When units show up, tick the appropriate box and then click Add unit offers button

For more information on how to add additional unit cohorts, please see 1.2 Add another cohort to your site


What you don't need to do:

Enrol students:

  • this is done automatically via Callista*. Callista sets an entry and exit date for students. Typically students enter a site 1 week prior to the semester start date, and exit around 1 month after exams. 

* Students who have not been enrolled in the unit through the Callista system for any particular reason, will not appear in your Moodle site unless they are manually added. 

  • There are certain features of Moodle Teaching sites that are not available to manually students such as:
    • Not appearing in gradebook
    • Not being able to schedule grades to Callista
    • Continual access to the Moodle site even when the unit has been completed.
    • Manually enrolled students need to be manually unenrolled.

What you do need to do to your site:

  • Add others (lecturers, tutors)
  • If lecturing in spaces with Echo360 enabled, organise Echo360 recordings (
  • Place items on e-reserve (see library)
  • Add welcome message, profile photo/video, contact details
  • Add all assignment items (see Assessments book for how)
  • Import content from a previous site. Note: this isn't possible if you are not enrolled in that previous site. If not, request this from the previous course/unit convenor or failing that, request access from the Associate Dean of Education (ADE) in your faculty and send the approval to