Creating your site

7 Adding content

7.1 Adding E-reserve readings and past exams

eReserve readings and past exams are stored in the Equella database and once activated by the Library, are available to integrate into your unit’s site in Moodle. Some units will place eReserve readings within a week’s activities or topic section whereas other units set up a separate Readings section and place them there.

To find out how to access or submit content in E-Reserve, please contact Alternatively you may find the E-Reserve FAQ guide useful which is accessible through the library tab on the UC website or by clicking the link below:

To add an eReserve and past exam item to Moodle

1. In your unit site, click Turn editing on

2. Under any topic/week/activity, click Add an activity or resource

3. In the list of activities or resources, select EQUELLA Resource and click Add


4. On the search screen presented, type your unit number into the Enter search terms… box at the top and hit enter on the keyboard or click the blue search button

5. You will be presented with a list of your eReserve readings inlcuding past exam papers.
Important note: Other items may appear in the search if they match your unit’s number. These could be old unit outlines, or material for other units where the number appears within the article.

6. Search Tips:

  • To narrow your search ie. Looking for a specific reading, enter your unit number and an author or keyword in the title if known.
  • Alternatively, enter your unit number and change the drop down box defaulting to “Within all resources” to “Learning Resources Collection” to just look at journal article or web links (as opposed to chapter or book excerpts).
  • For past exam papers, enter your unit number and the word, ‘exam’ OR change the drop down box defaulting to “Within all resources” to “Past Exam Papers”.

Please be cautious when performing the next steps.

7. After each item there is a  button. Click this.

8. Drag the  button with your mouse onto the correct topic/week/section in the right hand column. A number will appear next to the section to indicate it has been added.

9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each reading. Your page should now look similar to the below screenshot.

10. Click Save

11. Your readings have now been added to Moodle. You can alter the names of these if required, or move them between sections as per normal files/links.