Creating your site

8 Working with Multimedia

8.2 Link to a video file

To link to a video in YouTube, just find the video and copy the URL code.

  1. In Moodle, Add a Resource: Link to a file or website.
  2. Add a title, summary (optional)
  3. Paste the URL copied into the appropriate place
  4. Save.

Other information from Moodle Docs

Adding media content can help you communicate some ideas and processes more easily than text alone. Imagine trying to teach a language without learners able to hear it spoken. Or trying to learn how volcanoes work with either seeing a video or an animation. Fortunately, Moodle makes it easy to add rich media content to your course. The Moodle media filters will automatically recognize your media type and put the right sort of link in to your web page so students can access it easily.

Note: If these instructions don't work, contact your system administrator and ask if the media filters are enabled in the filters settings.