How to connect, communicate, collaborate

1 Ways to communicate with students

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There are a number of tools to use within Moodle for communicating with students: 2 synchronous and 4 asynchronous. For flexible (blended) and fully online sites, it is recommended to have both synchronous and asynchronous tools.


Chat Forums
Blackboard Collaborate (see information on this site)                   Dialogue

Echo360 lectures or individual recordings 

Note that if you are using Mahara (e-portfolio) it is possible to use forums with a group and for journal entries to be used like blogs.

Outside of Moodle activities, it is possible to use Skype or Google Hangouts for group or one-to-one discussions. External content can be pulled in from Twitter, RSS feeds, YouTube. You can upload your own video recordings created using Echo360 personal capture or Quicktime.

TIP: any recordings should be loaded into Echo360. You need to organise to have your unit connected with Echo360 via the team at And then add the Echo360 block on your site.