The assignment activity

1 Types of assessments on Moodle

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There are a number of ways you can conduct assignments through LearnOnline. There are options that allow for:

  1. Uploading of files - this allows students to upload and submit documents. Some people call this a dropbox facility
  2. Offline activity - this is for exams or assignments, such as presentations, where students are not required to submit anything online
  3. Online text - this is where students can type text into the site, the lecturer can view and comment on the text. There is also the option for the student to rework the text.
  4. A combination of online text and document submission
  5. In addition, you can select if a submitted assignment goes to URKUND for text-matching; provide feedback; or select the option to mark offline (useful for tutors)
Other Options:

Wikis & forums can also be used. All activities can be added to the relevant week or topic on your site. Have editing on, and then Add an activity - select relevant activity.