Managing & supporting

1 Ways of managing

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The tools below can be used in Moodle to collect feedback, to vote, to choose a topic, to see due assignments, to track learning.

  1. Survey (have students reflect on their learning)
  2. Choice (online poll - one question with range of answers; could be used to select an essay topic, excursion time, groups)
  3. Poll (located in a block - one question with range of possible responses which can be displayed)
  4. Feedback (get feedback about your teaching)
  5. Calendar (great when all assignments are on the site and students add a calendar to their myMoodle page)
  6. Tracking learning via
    • Activity completion (useful for students to manage progress, to enable Settings > Edit setting > Yes to Show activity reports)
    • Conditional or restricted activity
    • Reports (this is found via Administration)
  7. Groups (More information)
  8. Learning analytics (this is an automated system where reports are send periodically to students and teaching staff regarding activity within a unit. More information)
  9. Attendance
  10. Message a group of students via Participants