1 Groups In Moodle

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Creating groups can be done manually, automatically; or you could allow students to select a group via Group Selection (an activity) or Choice (see next chapter).

Why groups?

  • Easier to manage students for:
    • assignments & marking
    • activities such as forums, wikis
    • messaging particular groups
  • To separate content and activities for different cohorts within the one site, eg PG vs UG (note that care needs to be taken when combining cohorts since Moodle can only handle one set of final marks)

How or where you create groups:

  • Importing groups, auto or manually creating groups occurs via Administration > Users > Groups
  • Tutorial groups are automatically imported from Allocate+
  • Group selection and Choice occurs via Add an Activity/resource (you add these as activities into a topic or week)

Most common set up for groups:

Using the automatic Callista cohort groups and Allocate+ tutorial groups to

      1. Filter the Assignment Dropbox or Gradebook by Cohort or Tutorial Group

      2. Create a Grouping (a group of groups) to have students participate in activities such as Workshop or Forum with only members of their own cohort or tutorial groups

Groups are created randomly, manually or chosen by students to:

      1. Form groups for discussion or activities
      2. Create groups for the submission of group assessment items.

Tutorial groups

Many units have tutorial groups and these groups are automatically imported imported into your site from Allocate+.  If you only use groups to manage marking, then in the settings for all assignments, select Separate Groups, in Common Module settings, Group mode.

If you wish to have separate groups for forums, wikis and other activities or content, you need to create a grouping.

To create a grouping & an activity/resource relevant to a grouping:

  1. Go to Administration > Users > Groups - then click on the Grouping tab
  2. Create a Grouping and give it an appropriate name
  3. Then click on the people icon, and add the tutorial groups or other groups you may have created to this grouping
  4. Then in the settings for the activity, select Separate Groups and the Grouping
  5.  Tick for group members only

To add or remove people in groups, click on the relevant group and Add/remove. In the left box below, click on a name and then Remove, or in the right box, click on a name and the Add:

These are the settings in an activity or resource to modify: choose separate groups, the grouping and tick group members only