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1 Quiz - Best practice

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Creating quizzes requires a bit of preparation. For an overview of how quizzes work, check out Moodledocs.  Listed below are some useful links to help develop the quiz for your unit:

How do I create quiz questions? 

This blog post gives practical tips on best practice in writing quiz questions.
How do I ensure that I have effective practice around quiz security and cheating?  Read more about how to do this through Moodledocs - quiz security and cheating.
How do I create mathematical questions that rarely appear the same way twice? This blog post provides information on creating calculated questions.
How do I create quizzes offline then import them into Moodle using Respondus? Read more about how to install Respondus and how to connect Respondus to Moodle


  1. Create practice quizzes. Many lecturers have found it useful to create practice quizzes for students so that the students become familiar with how they work. It also gives the lecturer more of an idea of how quizzes work as well!
  2. Do the quiz as a student. Enrol a test student and try it out.  To enrol a test student, see instructions on creating test users.
  3. To edit a quiz which already has quiz questions, click on the quiz link. In the Administration block, under Quiz Administration, click Edit quiz.
  4. For students to do the quiz after it has closed, or to allow some students extra time - use user overrides. Click on the quiz link, quiz administration > User overrides > Add user override. You can select the student and make changes to the time and date settings.
  5. Questions are added to the questions bank.  To manage this you can create categories for your questions – see Managing questions: question bank and categories.