Moodle handbook

1 LearnOnline? Moodle?

LearnOnline is the name UC uses for Moodle. Moodle is a collection of web course tools for teaching and learning on the Internet used by many universities across the world. LearnOnline is a password protected environment and can be accessed over the internet at any time.

You can use LearnOnline if, (1) you are formally enrolled in a unit that has a LearnOnLine site, and (2), the site has been activated by your lecturer (normally only during teaching weeks).

Note that most Moodle course sites share a similar look and feel, but they may not necessarily use the same Moodle features. These vary depending on the discipline, the unit level, your lecturer’s choices, and the design adopted, but all units should contain a unit outline.

A quick way to get to your LearnOnline units, is using this URL You then login using your student ID number and password. You can also find the link in MyUC.