Echo360 lecture recording

TLC & ITM have made changes to the Echo360 system for Semester 2, 2014.

Just a reminder that TLC & ITM have been working together to make improvements to the Echo360 system in preparation for the coming semester. To allow you to have access to accurate information about the way students replay Echo recordings, including a usage heatmap, it is essential that recordings are accessed through an authenticated pathway. From now on students in a Moodle unit will only be able to access recordings that are organised in the EchoServer course/section linked to that Moodle unit/offering. The only two ways a student can replay the recording will be using the "EchoCenter block" or the new "EchoLink" Moodle resource. Links added using the Moodle "Add URL" will not work.

In order to make recordings available to students for you should:
• Establish your Moodle unit and add the Echo block (see step 3 on
• Confirm that your lectures are listed in the university timetable (see the Checking the timetable section of
• Check that the EchoServer course/section has been linked to the your Moodle unit site (see step 4 of

You can use the new EchoLink Moodle resource to create a link to a specific recording within the body of your Moodle unit.

To do this,

1)Turn Editing On

2) In the section of your site you want the link to appear on, select Add An Activity Or Resource

3) Select the EchoLink icon, then click on Add

4) You should then see your unit/s listed

Click on the + (plus sign) to expand & see more information.

You may see multiple sections if you have taught the units previously & they can also be expanded.

Select the recording you wish to use & click save.

Other relevant information here;