Echo360 lecture recording

Echo360 is the Lecture recording system used at the University of canberra. It is setup to allow students to replay recordings

Background information:

  • Echo360 recordings are stored on the EchoServer organised into collections called EchoServer course/sections.  
  • Students will only be able to view/play Echo recordings if the student is enrolled in a Moodle unit/offering site that is linked to the EchoServer course/section that contains that recording.


1. Lecturer contacts timetabling to schedule the lecture

Operational contact:

Lectures will only be automatically recorded if:

  • Syllabus+ activity is a "lecture", other activities e.g. "seminars" or "workshops" are NOT recorded
  • The venue has an Echo360 capture appliance installed - when you email, ask timetabling staff for a lecture recording equipped venue

Those rooms are:

01A21, 02A06, 02A12, 02A13, 02A14, 02B02, 02B04, 02B07, 02B09, 02B11, 05B50, 05B55a, 05B55b, 05B60, 05C58, 06B10, 06B11, 06B45, 06C10, 06C12, 06C14, 07A52, 07B06, 07B10, 07B13, 07C22, 09A01, 09A02, 09B27, 12B02, 12B50, 14B01, 22B14

Process for lecturer to opt-out of the lecture recording

  • The Unit convenor can opt-out of having a lecture recorded -- see the FAQ on the left 
  • Establish an EchoServer course/section to put the recordings into
    • sometimes an EchoServer course/section is not established
  • The EchoServer course/section is linked to the relevant Moodle unit/offering using the Moodle unit ID
    • sometimes an Echoserver course/section should be linked to more than on Moodle unit
    • sometimes a Moodle unit should be linked to a different Echoserver course/section
  • Lectures are scheduled for recording and are placed in the relevant EchoServer course/section
    • sometimes the event is called a "tutorial" but the convener still wants it to be recorded
  • The unit convener is established as a user on the EchoServer course/section
    • sometimes the unit convener known to Syllabus+ or Calista is not the person who teaches the unit
  • The unit convener is given presenter/owner access to that EchoServer course/section. This is necessary to allow the unit convener to edit the recordings, upload other media, or record media using Personal capture
    • sometimes the unit convener known to Syllabus+ or Calista is not the person who teaches the unit

There are several reasons why these things may not be setup correctly and this will result in students not being able to replay the recording. We suggest that the unit convener confirms that these things are done correctly using the instructions in Step 4. If you find an error in any of these thin you can email and ask them for assistance.

3. Unit convener sets up the EchoCenter block in their Moodle site

Operational contact:

Establishes unit site on LearnOnline (Moodle)

4. Unit convener checks that the EchoServer course/section has been setup correctly

The data feed (Step 2) establishes a number of items on the EchoServer and these things must be done correctly for students to replay the recordings or to allow editing of recordings. The unit convener can confirm that these things have been done correctly by:

  • login into your Moodle unit
  • click the EchoCenter block in Moodle
  • if you do not see both current recordings and future scheduled recordings (see FAQ: Will my lecture be recorded? in the left-hand menu) then you need to contact  and ask for them to correctly link the EchoServer course/section page with the Moodle unit/offering

If you need to edit, rename or reorder the recordings or add recordings captured using PCAP you will also need presenter access to the EchoCentre course/section.  You can check this by:

  • logging into the EchoServer at
  • you should see a list of recordings followed by the EchoServer course/section in black
  • if you do not see the relevant EchoServer course/section for your recordings you need to email  and ask them to give you presenter access to the EchoServer course/section.

If you have existing recordings from a previous year or semester you need log in into the EchoServer and move the recordings into the linked EchoServer course/section (see FAQ: Getting recordings into your EchoServer course/section on the left). If you can't access the recordings in the previous year you need to email and ask to be given access to the previous course/section on the EchoServer.

5. Recording is done and published to the EchoServer course/section

Recording can be made in either of the following ways:

  • automatically recorded in the lecture venue
  • manually by using the PCAP Personal Capture system [see Personal capture (PCAP) in the left-hand menu].

In either case the recording must be in the relevant EchoServer course/section that is linked to your Moodle unit/offering if the recordings are to be displayed when the student clicks the EchoCentre block in your Moodle unit.

6. Student replays the recording

To replay the recording the student:

  • clicks on the EchoCentre block in the Moodle unit/offering and this opens a new window listing the recordings
  • clicks the relevant recording to replay it.