1 Tasks & checklist

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Tasks using the gradebook

You need to use the gradebook to do the following things:

  • Store grades (marks) for individual assessment items in your unit
  • Manage the way that gradebook calculates your site total
  • Hide and un-hide grades and feedback so students can view them
  • Schedule grades to Callista (transfer grades from the Moodle gradebook to Callista)

Checklist for using the gradebook

This Checklist is relevant to most cases for setting up Gradebooks and  Scheduling Grades to Callista for units of all delivery modes, including partners. 

For other issues e.g. Pass/Fail units, Multiple Cohorts with different assessment items, Mysterious discrepancies in aggregation of marks, please contact LearnOnline support 

  • Drop-in Support: Daily LearnOnline drop-in sessions: 1.30-3.30pm in the Library - Consultation Room B on Level B.
  • eMail:
  • Phone: +61 2 6201 5500

New/Sessional Staff - Are you the unit convenor and will you be approving grades off campus? Can you access Callista off campus?

Before Teaching Commences (or as soon as possible)

1. Enter all grading items into the gradebook

2.  Choose the appropriate aggregation method to calculate the site total

  • If there are no non-assessable items in the gradebook and all items are marked against the weight of the assessment, use the Simple Weighted Mean of Grades
  • If there are non-assessable items in the gradebook OR items are marked out of a total other than the assessment weight, use Weighted Mean of Grades

3. Check that the site total is 100

  • if not, click in the box and type 100!

Scheduling Grades to Callista (transfer the grades from the Gradebook to Callista)

Grades can be scheduled at any time up until the Moodle Last Result Submission Date shown in your Gradebook. The most recent Scheduling of Grades will override any previous attempt.

4. Check the site total and letter grade for a small number of students

  • Check the marks of a small cross section of students to ensure that their marks are being calculated correctly. If not, refer to point 2 above, or contact LearnOnline support for assistance.

5. Change N-Fail letter grades to the relevant n grade

6. Transfer (schedule) the grades to Callista

6.a: Recommended process: before the Moodle Last Result Submission Date

Submit to Callista button is hidden after the Last Result Submission date This button is hidden after the last Result Submission date

    • Ideally everyone will schedule the grades using the Submit Callista upload Options button, before the last result submission date as this will reduce your workload and reduce manual errors. If you do not schedule the grades before the last result submission date you need to use the manual export option (see the next step).
    • use these instructions to schedule grades or look at these videos. If you have correctly scheduled the grades you will receive an:
      • email from Moodle (within 15 minutes)
      • an email from Callista (within 48 hours) containing a link to generate your marking sheet. More Information

6.b: Last resort option: Manually export the grades after the  Moodle Last Result Submission Date

This is only needed if you have not scheduled your grades before the Moodle Last Result Submission Date (previous step).

The "Submit Callista Upload Options" button will be hidden on the "Moodle Last Result submission date" and you need to use these instructions to manually export the grades, check the Excel spreadsheet and email it to

For any further enquiries please contact the LearnOnline support team using the information at the top of this checklist.