Echo Active Learning Platform

What is the Active Learning Platform and why use it?

What the Echo360 Active Learning platform?

How does it help me or my students?

It allows:

  • Lecturers to upload their slides and add different types of questions to then display these during the lecture
  • Students to use their laptop, tablet, smart phone or SMS phone to:
    • Respond to these questions and view the results
    • Type questions either using their name or anonymously during the lecture
    • Flag a slide as confusing
    • Take notes alongside the slides
    • Review the slides and their notes before, during or after the lecture
    • Lecturers to view analytics to see:
      • What slides students viewed, found confusing, or took notes on
      • Which students are engaged with the lecture and which are not

How can I start using it?

Go to the Echo360 Section of Staff help site and follow the prompts to do the following:

  • Look at some of the videos in the YouTube Echo 360 playlist
  • Enter the ALP presentation to establish your ALP account
  • Request your ALP lecturer account and associate it with your Moodle site
  • View the Echo360 ALP help site and knowledge base

How can I do more with it?

Echo360 ALP can be used to various degrees from simplest to most powerful:

  • Uploading your presentation and letting students take notes
  • Using Analytics to investigate how your students are interacting with the learning materials
  • Adding interactive slides and using interactive options

Where can I get more assistance and support?

The Echo360 Section of Staff help site contains the help and support resources. For more assistance you can write to the support forum or write to with "Echo360 Active Learning Platform" in the subject line.