- guide for Staff

1 What is logo is designed to support university staff and students with on-demand video-based learning. As a current member of staff at UC, you can access's huge library of video resources for use with your students or for your own professional development.

With you can...

Flip the classroom

Ask students to watch a particular video before they come to class. This means you have more time in class for more active learning opportunities like discussion, debate, problem solving, or practical work.

Create playlists

With, you can easily create your own playlists on a particular topic or theme, giving students 24/7 access to the video resources most relevant to your unit/course. icon

Promote graduate attributes

Prepare students for life beyond university with a vast range of videos that support transferable skills development.

Support staff

You can use for your own professional development, for example if you want to transform your teaching, build your leadership capabilities, learn a new skill or get to grips with a new technology. You can also share videos and playlists with your colleagues.