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You may be familiar with the help that students provide to other students in the library face to face – the Rovers. They are academically successful students themselves, from all faculties, who are trained to help other students with understanding assignment questions, referencing, essay structuring, language, referrals, Moodle, Mahara, and more – but not unit content.  

Mahara support for students: See the Rovers at the Rovers desk, Library level B, Mon-Thur 10am-6.45pm, Fri 10am-5pm, Sat & Sun 1pm-5pm.

Mahara Support for staff: See the LearnOnline staff at the LearnOnline drop-ins in Consultation Room B, Library Level B, Mon to Fri 1:30–3:30pm.


A phone Rover service is available between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm Monday to Thursday:

Drop-in phone consultations of up to 30 minutes are available on (02) 6201 2941.  You can also arrange for the Rovers to call you during these times by emailing

See the Study Help programs section of the Study Help Moodle site ( for more information.

Phone - Email for technical problems

If you are having technical problems using Mahara from your computer at the univeristy, work or home, contact the LearnOnline Helpdesk: 

Phone: 6201 5500


Example ePortfolios (Details)

Check out these links to find examples of student ePortfolios:

Are you graduating? Instructions for Alumni (Details)

What happens to my UCPortfolio when I leave UC?

Did you know: you can request ongoing access!

As UC Alumni, who graduated on or after 2013, you can continue building your existing portfolio pages and make new ones – building your online professional identity and communicating your skills and knowledge to audiences around the world. Just as importantly you can use Mahara to maintain the network of friends and colleagues you established while studying, and also make new connections with current students and staff.

For more information visit:


Mahara Eportfolio Examples and Resources

Why people are using Mahara/ePortfolios (Details)

Policy, rules and guidelines (Details)

Policies and Rules

Use of Mahara ePortfolio is covered by UC rules and policies.

UC Rules (UC Student Conduct Rules 2012)

UC Policy

Privacy and confidentiality

When sharing content with other users or groups be aware of what you are sharing, and how it may be used by others, e.g. items relating to assessment tasks, personal information, etc. Be especially mindful of what you put on your profile page, profile pages are viewable by all logged in users at UC.

Further information about Mahara and ePortfolios (Details)

  • Mahara 1.10 User Manual (An easy to read guide for all users)
  • While using Mahara look for the   icons placed around the interface.

General information about ePortfolios:

If you have a portfolio you would like to share with everyone send us a link and a short description of what it's about (Contact Us).

ePortfolios Australia (Details)

An Australian ePortfolio professional network

ePortfolios Australia is a professional network which aims to support the use of e-portfolios in Australia and beyond through professional development activities and the sharing of resources, ideas and practice.

ePortfolios Australia supports local communities of practice (CoPs) such as:

Staff help

See Staff Help Moodle site ( for more information

Study Help

See Study Help Moodle site ( for more information.

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